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1. Russian Brides as New Wedding Trend of 2016

With each passing year, the trend of getting a Russian bride is getting more and more popular. Moreover, I dare say that this wedding preference is in vogue, sweeping the entire Western world, not only the USA. Just search for “Russian women for marriage” in Google and you will find lots of beautiful single girls ready to drop everything and go live abroad. So why is this happening? The answer is obvious – demand creates supply. The bigger question is why are you, guys, looking for Russian brides? Is it only female beauty and high family values inherent in post-Soviet countries or is it something different? Let me share a few thoughts on this matter!

Cultural phenomenon

Sometimes a strange thing happens, making it much easier to “click” with someone from another culture than to find your soul mate in the neighborhood. It may sound strange, but that’s actually true. Everyone is unique in their own special way, and the world offers so much diversity of character and appearance! This simply means that if you cannot find your dream girl in your country, why not to try your luck in another place?


Romantic nuance

A long-distance relationship, love confession, long engagement, rare yet unforgettable meetings, promises to wait – there is definitely something romantic and old-fashioned in the Russian women dating process. It’s a kind of adventure that allows a man to feel like a Knight waiting for his beautiful Princess. Although the Internet, online marriage agencies, Skype, and aircraft are quite modern and also comfortable things, this type of relationship is still romantic and, therefore, attractive to many people.

Intrigue of exoticism

Another culture, other values, different traditions, expectations, and habits – all of these things can be very intriguing, engaging, and exciting. A Russian bride is like a captivating mystery with numerous surprises. So maybe that’s the reason why lots of men from all over the world are struggling to solve it.

Real challenge

Dating is hard enough, but to marry a girl from overseas is actually a much greater challenge! What can I say? Men like challenges! To win the girl’s sympathy while being miles away through simple communication instead of the standard physical charm is real “human relations” art that requires much time and attention. However, the result is worth all the effort it takes.

These simple truths in addition to widespread stereotypes about Slavic women’s beauty and high family values are probably the main reasons that push men towards searching for a Russian bride. Besides, it is worth noting that there are lots of intercultural couples that happily live together in spite of all the difficulties they have faced on the path to unification. So, guys, this new wedding trend has every reason to exist! In this way, if you still cannot find your true love, then why not try an international romance adventure? However, be careful and avoid another modern trend known as dating scams. Use only reliable services like https://www.marriageagency-nataly.net and you will definitely succeed in your love venture!

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