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5 Ways To Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is the bane of a student’s life. Nothing is more important than getting your university assignments done, yet somehow everything is more important than getting your assignments done. You have avoided cleaning your bedroom all year but as you find yourself emptying your hoover bag four hours after sitting down to write an essay, you realise things have to change.  

Here are some quick tips that will help you to stop procrastinating, so you won’t find yourself running around the library screaming ‘write my essay for me’ fifteen minutes before the deadline.

  • Go to the library– Yes it sounds obvious and it is! So many students neglect the library in favour of studying in their bedrooms. There’s a big difference; libraries are places meant for working and bedrooms are places meant for sleeping. When you’re surrounded by people working, you’re more likely to work; when you’re surrounded by pillows and have easy access to Netflix, you’re likely to not.
  • You don’t need it– If you’re going to the library, leave distractions at home; there is absolutely no reason for you to have a phone in a library. Nothing is going to happen in the time you’re in the library that you absolutely have to know about. The phone is the main source of procrastination and even worse, it’s portable! Do yourself a favour and leave it behind, set yourself free from the ball and chain that is social media and you will be so much more productive.
  • Choose the right friends- We get that you don’t want to study alone. Studying with friends can be really helpful, but only if they’re the right friends. I promise you that the mates who spend most of their ‘study time’ typing ‘write my essay for me’ into Google over and over are not the right people to study with. Identify the people on your course who are always at lectures and who have done all the reading and reach out to them. Following someone’s lead is an easy way to get yourself to do the work. Even if you’re not naturally hard working, someone on your course will be, so revise with them.2
  • Set small targets– Not enjoying work is nothing new – plenty of students dislike working, which is the reason for this article! If you don’t like sitting at a desk for hours set yourself smaller targets! Don’t see the assignment as a whole with just one deadline; look at the work in parts with different deadlines for each part. This will help you break the work down into manageable sections. It will stop you from spending hours on end in the library and will also mean that you pay the same amount of attention to each part!
  • Be prepared– If you decide to be good and go to the library, make sure you take what you need! There is absolutely no point sitting down in the library for 15 minutes before realising how hungry you are, or how you absolutely have to get a coffee or how you haven’t brought a pen. These are all terrible excuses which your boredom will think are necessities. Take what you need, get the work done, get out of there and have some fun!

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