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Agro forestry should be adapted as a new way for foresting

We all have heard of agro forestry but hardly know much about it. Agro forestry is a special technique in which the crops, trees and live stocks are mixed in order to optimize and cultivation and increases its fertility. It is a biological interaction between all of these. Basically there are five types of agro forestry that are followed in North America – windbreaks, alley cropping, silvopasture, riparian buffers and forest farming. Today people are getting aware of such forestry and are taking steps in this regard. “GWD Forestry” is one these organizations which do agro forestry in North America and South America.

If you want to start agro forestry in your area as well then you can contact “GWD Group”. They will help you in starting agro forestry in your area. You can just contact them and they will send a team to your site and rest you can leave to them. They are responsible and can be trusted as they are specialized in their work.Image result for Agro forestry should be adapted as a new way for foresting

Advantages of Agro forestry

Agro forestry is full of benefits and benefits some benefits are summed up below –

  • Increase in amount of yield – Crop yield is increased in agro forestry due to better climate and better growing conditions are formed in it for crops like – climate, moisture, alternate and adjacent cropping helps soil to retain its fertility back in less possible time. Plants are planted in an organized manner and according to the wind direction this provides short and small crops protection against high speed wind which spoils then and sometimes destroys them totally.
  • Advantageous to livestock – Agro forestry helps livestock in every manner. It provides them with all the necessary needs that they demand to live according to different climate.
  • Conservation of soil – As already said that alternate cropping and adjacent cropping saves land as well as maintains soil’s fertility as well. Continuous cropping of the same crop reduces soil fertility.  

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