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Akoya: A Beautiful Cultured Pearl  

Every girl is well aware of the fact that ‘diamond is a girl’s best friend’, but not every girl is convinced by this myth. There are bunches of girls who try to find out some other options for themselves, and the second best option they found is the ‘Pearl’. Pearl is a natural gem from semi-precious category although now-a-days you can see huge number of cultured pearls available in the market.

Quality of the pearl is the biggest concern for any pearl buyer. If you are paying a good amount for the purchase, you ought to make the right choice as far as the quality is concerned. That is why it is essential to choose the variety that is trustable. Akoya is one of the best qualities of the pearl available in the market.

More about Akoya Pearls

The Akoya pearl comes off Pinctadafucatamartensii which is also known as Akoya Oyster. This is mainly produced in Japan and China but there are other locations too where you can find them. It is considered to be the classic pearl and the quality is also quite high for the pearl. These pearls are basically free of any shape error and thus they look absolutely perfect. The bright white color is quite good to look at. The silver or rose overtones are beautiful too. The quoting is generally quite thick for the high value pearls. It is mainly used in making all kind of jewelry ranging from bracelets to necklaces. Sizes of pearls are readily available in the market.

Akoya pearls are made in salt-water and they have good durability. While the name may be same, there is several variety of Akoya pearl available in the market and the luster differs in most of the cases. It is important to check for the best one through a proper website.

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