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Are You Interested To Increase Your Strength And Muscle With Testosterone 400 mg?

One of the very powerful hormone that is produced by men through their testicles is known testosterone, which decides different male characteristics like facial hair, body hair, deeper voice, sex drive, amount of seamen etc. This hormone is also available in the form of steroid that is used for therapy by doctors. The synthetic version of testosterone is available against prescription only. This must be administered under constant supervision of any doctor, as it has the potential to create plenty of adverse side effects.

Testosterone 400

This is another new synthetic testosterone appeared in the market which is mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders in order to improve their performances and also increase body muscles. Doctors also prescribe Testosterone 400 to replace low T levels of their patients. This testosterone has highest levels of concentration. Following are the ingredients of Testosterone 400 mg.

  • Testosterone Cypionate 187 mg
  • Testosterone Enanthate 188 mg
  • Testosterone Propionate 25 mg

Testosterone 400 is not really meant for humans but for veterinary use. Therefore in USA this steroid can only be obtained from various black market sources only. This is listed under schedule II controlled substance because this is very likely to be abused by drug addicts.

What are its side effects?

Most people complain about testosterone 400 is that its injection is very painful. Though it is not at all recommended for women but many women prefer to take small amount of doses for performance improvements. Women may get unexpected male characteristics if not consumed in careful manner. These characteristics are as follows?

  • Deeper voice like male
  • Hair development in chest and face
  • Certain other male characteristics

Men may also find following side effects

  • Shrinking testicles
  • Mental and emotional disturbances
  • Irritable behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Moodiness

Some time these changes may become permanent fixture and hence before you sense any side effects you must stop using it. There are few boosters also available with name Test 400 and you should not confuse testosterone 400 with this product.

Risk of buying from black market

It is better to buy from any recognized sources. Buying this product from any black market may lead to following problems.

  • You may be arrested or even jailed or fined
  • The ingredient may contain any harmful things that may cause ill effect on you
  • May contain ingredients that were not expected.

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