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Choose Viet Bamboo Travel for Your Unforgettable Vietnam Cambodia Tour

Travel enthusiasts will surely find Cambodia and Vietnam enthralling as these two countries provide a plethora of stunning sceneries and destinations that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. With Viet Bamboo Travel, you now have the perfect chance to explore and discover Vietnam and Cambodia at their finest.


If you will be visiting Vietnam and Cambodia for the very first time, don’t be surprised when you feel like a spell is cast on you. And for those who have already visited the countries in the past, they will find that the places still have something new to offer with each visit. Both Vietnam and Cambodia are very safe for all travelers, especially when you choose to go for a suitable tour operator like Viet Bamboo Travel that will organize your entire trip spontaneously and methodically for you to enjoy every inch of the place with complete peace of mind. For you to get the best flavor of these two amazing places, you have to choose only the most reputable agency like Viet Bamboo Travel that is not just dexterous but is also veteran enough to provide even the minute details that you want to know.

Tour Vietnam and Cambodia the Easy Way

There are different places that you can visit during your Vietnam Cambodia tour. An adventurous journey could follow going to the best tourist attractions that can start from Vietnam’s one of a kind Mekong Delta to Cambodia’s stunning Angkor temples. These two places have always been a cherished historical and cultural expedition. Indulge in the exquisiteness of Cambodia and Vietnam and enjoy tasting their numerous delicacies to have the most memorable holiday trip.

Where to Go

Once you have finally decided to enjoy Vietnam’s beauty in all its glory, you must not miss out on the serene and irresistible magnificence of Mai Chau Valley. You can take in the beauty of the valley by trekking and cycling that gives you the perfect chance to have good knowledge about the lives of its people and its rural culture.

The local handicrafts from Thai Villages are famous among those who want to do their handicraft shopping in the area. Vietnam’s largest city is Ho Chi Minh City found on central highland. Dalat is the popular hill station that is 300 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City and this is renowned for Pongour waterfalls and the place’s picturesque beauty. As a reputable tour agency, Viet Bamboo Travel conducts Angkor tour that is the primary attraction in Cambodia. The temples that surround the city together with Angkor Wat are definitely a tempting journey that you will find hard to resist. Angkor National Museum is also popular for its innumerable artifacts that showcase the beautiful Angkorian culture.


Viet Bamboo Travel as Your Trustworthy Guide

As a traveler, you have to be very careful in choosing your travel guide for you to perfectly bask in the tranquility of the place. For your Vietnam Cambodia tour, make sure that you choose Viet Bamboo Travel for an organized and convenient trip!

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