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Cinema & Its Wide Impact On The Society!

Since its inception in the 1900s, motion pictures or cinema is come a long any and is now a unique yet powerful omnipresent influence on human culture. Over the years, almost every civilization the world can come to realize the immense contribution of cinema on its society. Today, cinema is a catalyst for cultural and educational propaganda and a potent instrument in transforming and manipulating people’s opinions apart from its primary task of providing social entertainment. While some people find it difficult to accept the immense impact that cinema has on society and culture, this impact can be an ideal tool for change if it is in the hands of right individuals.

According to Cody Winters, a cinema lover , while most people especially the members of older generation are of the opinion that films portray the distorted and negative aspects of human society and culture, in reality there are many positive influences of cinema. These are as follows:Image result for Cinema & Its Wide Impact On The Society!

  • Depiction of the real world

The major positive influence of cinema on human society and civilization is the depiction of actual world people are living in today. Many filmmakers create movies that highlight the social and political changes that are taking place in their societies and surrounding environment. In fact, films raise awareness of social evils like drug abuse, HIV, alcoholism and influences public opinion regarding such evils. In many third world countries, cinema is catalyst for signifying the essence of education and medicine.

  • Enhances creative ability

Movies develops and boosts the level of creativity among the people who at the forefront of filmmaking. They visualize things an alternative and deeper way. This introduction and stimulation of creativity is one of the most positive impacts of cinema on human culture. This is the reason behind the increase in the number of animation movies as encourages viewers to take a plunge from the reel world to the actual real world.

  • Employment growth and potential

Filmmaking creates employment opportunities for many people around the world. More entrepreneurs are considering the movie industry as lucrative place to invest their money in as producers. Moreover, for film technicians, artists, choreographers, film editors and those who are responsible for the marketing and distribution of films to cinema halls earn sufficient money from filmmaking. This is in spite of the fact that certain level of training and education in necessary in this profession.

  • Social Entertainment

Most people around the world regard cinema as a fun-loving tool where they can escape into a fantasy world after a hard day’s work.  Even in situations where they are in a frustrating mood, a watching an entertaining movie immediate unwinds them and changes their mood.

Cody Winters goes on to say that no one can deny the influence of cinema on modern human society and its positive aspects of being a mirror of  the real world, platform for enhancing human creativity, generating employment opportunities and a means of social entertainment. Through the lens of the reel world that people get a glimpse of the real world they are living in.


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