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Ditch Your Drapes & Choose Blinds Or Shades To Draw Attention To Your Windows

Whenever it comes the task of interior designing, people choose to paint their walls with a new color, rearrange the furniture pieces tastefully or buy some more and change the upholstery. In short, they overlook the windows, and this goes on for years and years. If you also do the same, it is time to ditch your drapes that you must have used to add an element of décor on your windows. You can be quite creative with your windows like using blinds or shades. These are widely used across the world to make windows a lot more dapper.

Available in plenty of colors like white, brown, ivory, red, green, blue, and much more, you have to select the most appropriate one as per your existing interior décor. In fact, there are so many online stores offering the same at an affordable price that it is also convenient to go through the various types before zeroing one. Some online stores even offer free samples with no additional shipping cost making it a win-win situation for you to start ditching your drapes soon!2

Types of commonly available blinds and shades

Some of the commonly available blinds that you can shop for your windows are the wooden, aluminum and the faux wood ones. Sometimes, they are also made of plastic and thus, are very cheap. They flawlessly control light and add an element of style to the dull windows. Wooden ones are preferred more because of their ability to add warmth. They add an old-world charm to any décor without looking out of place. They are also preferred because they are bad in conducting heat and thus, effectively keep the room temperature a few degrees lower than the outside one during the summers. In addition, easy to clean, and with cordless options, blinds are good in comparison to heavy curtains that are difficult to hand wash or delicate curtains that demand frequent dry cleaning. For quality and affordable curtains you should go for  best curtain shop dubai.

In respect to shades, you can happily choose from a large variety mentioned below in brief.

  • Roller Shades – Good for blocking harmful UV rays, these come in both kinds of mechanisms i.e. cord loop and spring tension.
  • Sheer Shades – Made of sophisticated fabrics, these are excellent if you desire to have the view of your garden and still some privacy.
  • Fabric Roman Shades – Available in plethora of fabric types and fold styles, some are even with a blackout option for privacy.
  • Bamboo Shades – They are durable and look very beautiful with their earthy appearance.
  • Cellular Shades – Crisp fabrics and easy installation have made these shades quite popular.
  • Pleated Shades – Offer plenty of light-filtering options and are made of soft fabrics.
  • Woven Wood Shades – These are made of natural materials and are beautifully textured.

Meanwhile, if you desire you can also buy custom shutters for some of your windows. These are generally available in wood or faux wood with various sizes as well as tilt options. In short, replace your drapes with these modern window treatments, and make your windows look chic!

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