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Driving Forces of India’s Automotive and Auto Parts Sector

The automotive sector is among India’s biggest and quickest growing manufacturing industries. Having a turnover peopleDollar13 B, the car sector utilizes about .45 million people directly and ten million people not directly, including after-sales and servicing systems. This rated India because the eleventh biggest passenger vehicle producer on the planet. Within the group of motorcycles and scooters, India is rated first and second correspondingly. With India more and more liberalizing its marketplace, many new joint endeavors developed, leading to near to 2 dozen global auto producers establishing shop in India


The car component segment is every bit robust; offering the whole selection of parts needed through the domestic automobile industry and presently utilizes about 250,000 people. Although small by global standards, this segment keeps growing quickly because of its low costs and rising quality. Sales turnover of parts is believed to possess arrived at US$8.7 B in 2004/05, 29% greater than the year before. Noticeably, auto component producers supply to 2 kinds of purchasers – original equipment producers (OEM) and also the substitute market. Over 300 medium and small companies directly service the OEMs putting together automobiles in India. Downstream, near to 5,000 other micro firms will work of these Tier 1 providers, and for the substitute market

The sphere could be segmented into 2. The first is the car segment. Another may be the auto parts segment. The important thing manufacturing areas of these 2 segments are very well spread across the nation.

The development of India’s automotive sector is driven through the key forces below:

auto parts


Automotive related imports are largely in auto parts, comprising a lion’s share of 85%. These imports will feed the manufacturing plants, creating automobiles for domestic market in addition to export market.

Because the demand in the domestic market increases with rising affluence, production increases together, hence needing more imports of parts, especially individuals of greater precision which still cannot be carried out in India. Global gamers in India still need import fairly great deal of auto parts for his or her automobile set up as quality and technological standards of auto parts sourced from inside India might not meet their high standards. The expected Rise in exports Asia-made automobiles may also lead to import development of auto parts.


Automotive related exports broadened quickly recently. Automobile exports increased in a compound annual rate of growth of 46% between 2001 and 2006. Export share of production elevated from three Percent in 2001 to eight Percent in the year 2006. The development is boosted by these several factors for example India’s cost competitiveness when it comes to labor and raw material established manufacturing base economies of scale because of domestic market possibility to harness global brand picture of parents company, along with the global hub insurance policy for small cars like Hyundai, Suzuki, etc

Most automotive exports visit developing nations in Asia, where affordable cars will find an industry. Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria are essential locations for India’s automotive exports. More lately, because the quality and technology Asia-made automobiles have enhanced and met stringent dependence on the worldwide market, some cars have discovered purchasers even just in The European Union.

Similarly for auto parts, exports happen to be growing in a compound annual rate of growth of 25% over 2000-2005. Share of exports as a whole production elevated to 18% in 2005 from 10% in 1997. Foreign carmakers in wealthy nations are more and more embracing India for parts, as low costs, relatively good technology base and use of cheap raw material make India highly competitive in the auto parts exports.

The primary export marketplaces would be the USA, Germany, Japan, Norway, the United Kingdom and Italia. Asia, Africa and also the Middle East together occupy 44% of India’s auto part exports.

Regulating/Government efforts

Government efforts and regulating frameworks will also be key driving forces towards the automotive industry in India. Presently, 100% foreign direct purchase of the automotive industry, without any mandatory minimum degree of investment is permitted. No local connect is essential because the sector was already fully de-licensed and deregulated. This gives a powerful impetus for global auto gamers to setup shop in India. Further, excise duty and custom taxes are also stored competitive to make participation within the automotive industry favorable

On the top of those, an Automotive Mission Plan 2006-2016 may also be drafted to build up the domestic sector, along with the export market. It aims to build up India right into a premier automotive hub. Continuing to move forward, India targets to get among the 5 best automotive economies by 2025

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