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Some Shopping Traditions Market in Jakarta You Need To Know

Jakarta will be a nice destination to visit especially for memorable vacation. Even though Jakarta is known as metropolitan city, you need to know also that there are still many shopping traditions market in Jakarta. It offers you traditional transactions of trading many stuffs and daily needs. For several people it is not the trend anymore for people shopping in traditional market. They will prefer to go to supermarket for more hygiene condition of shopping. But, for local people and many visitors, it is an exciting experience to have visit in traditional market in Jakarta.

The visitor may know more and further about Jakarta and the people by seeing directly the activities of people, such as through the trade activities. If you are a true traveler, why don’t you try a challenge to know more about Jakarta by shopping in its traditional markets? Besides the traditional markets, you can also find the street shopping traditions market in Jakarta that is also interesting to know. So, here are some recommended markets in Jakarta.

  1. Santa market is located in this capital city. It is the right place for you who look for better needs in high quality. This market will offer you perfect choices of products such as the vegetables, meats and many other else. You will also find the finest Batik products for better clothing. If you are the foreigner, you can see some nice Batik to wear.
  2. Pasar Blok A. If you need to find the right market with all stuffs, this place is the right place. You will find many fresh vegetables and fruits or daily consuming. You can also find the nice suits with high quality of fabric in negotiable price. If you love to wear jewelry and gold, there are also some stores that sell these things.
  3. Tanah Abang market. Tanah Abang is already well known by its local people or even domestic people as the place to shop the right clothing. Many people get into this market for shopping the clothes and being the reseller. If you want to have a visit in this market, just use your gadget wisely to reveal the location. It is not hard to find this place as the place is also comfortable.
  4. If you need to see some secondhand stuff, in Pasar Baru Jakarta, you may find the things you look for. In this place, many people sell the secondhand things including the watches, antiques, fabrics, and many other else. You can explore the market to find the right things with the right price.

So, from all traditional markets above we can see that Jakarta still has its traditional sites. You can just directly visit and try to know what your needs and look for the right ones. As the markets are traditional, you will be able to bargain the price. You can still save your money for your great vacation in other places in Jakarta. All the markets above are included to the famous shopping traditions market in Jakarta.

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