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The Beginner’s Guide To Classic Motorcycle Battery Restoration

Just in case you are not aware, motorcycle batteries are 6-volt lead-acid batteries. That’s right. They are the smaller versions of 12-volt batteries that are used for cars. But it’s not the only fact that you need to know. You should also one very important classic trick —how to restore a dead motorcycle battery without using your fortune.

Di you have a dead battery that don’t accept charging? If so, it is likely that the problem lies on sulfation. When does it occur? It happens when a motorcycle lead-acid battery is extremely discharged. As a result, the sulfur from the acid will adhere to the internal lead plates and will significantly disrupt the normal circulation of electric current. After that, the lead plates will be corroded. And if you think it’s a sign that you can’t restore your dead motorcycle battery, you are mistaken. You can still fix a best motorbike battery as long as the plates have not been corroded severely.


Here are some tips to classic motorcycle battery restoration:

Follow safety precautions. Keep in mind that motorcycle batteries have been manufactured with a toxic chemical, sulfuric acid to be exact. Hence, when you are on your dead battery restoration job, make sure that you put on gloves and goggles. Be sure that there are not open flames near the battery and always work in a cool and well-ventilated place.

Remove the battery from your motorcycle.

Don’t do restoration while your battery is in your motorcycle. All you just need is a crescent watch in order to unscrew the connectors. It is advisable to remove those plastic caps on the motorcycle battery’ top before you drain it.

Use magnesium sulfate and water.

Another classic tip to restore a dead motorcycle battery is to use magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts, along with a quart of heated water. It’s not advisable to make use of tap water because there could be some chemicals that can pose damage to the battery. Using a funnel, fill every cell with the solution and shake the motorcycle slowly so the solutions are evenly distributed.

Use a slow charger.

Instead of using regular charger, you can consider using slow charger, or a 6-volt charger. Don’t forget that batteries for motorcycles are a bit smaller than truck battery in Melbourne and they could be damaged when powerful currents are applied. To get started, work on the charger off and then hook the positive lead into the positive terminal and do the same thing to the negative lead and negative terminals. Charge overnight or charge until it is complete. After charging has been completed, turn off the charger, unmount the Leeds, and have the caps replaced. When reinstalling your battery, be sure that all connectors are secure.

You have just read a definitive guide to restoring a dead battery without spending a fortune. So the next time your car breaks down due to dead battery, don’t remove it and buy a new motorcycle battery right away. It might just need some restoration!

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