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The Best Sparklers for Weddings

Sparklers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors these days, and it can be a little intimidating when you start shopping for them to use at your wedding. With so many couples using sparklers at their weddings these days, more and more stores are carrying them; which makes it easier to find them. However, knowing what the best sparklers are for weddings can be difficult to discern, and your decision should be predicated on the way you plan to use them. Here is a rundown of the different ways most people use sparklers at their wedding and which type is best for that purpose.


Creating center pieces using sparklers is a popular option because they look fantastic on your tables and make handing out the sparklers very easy. Since you don’t want your center pieces to be way too big on the tables to prevent conversation, you want to choose sparklers that aren’t too long. The best sparklers for this purpose are around 10 inches long because they will fit in your vases nicely without sticking up too far. If you choose longer sparklers, you will run into issues; so always stick to the shorter ones if possible.


Sparkling Tunnel

Using sparklers during your grand exit to create a “sparkling tunnel” is a great way to make the event more magical. The photos of your sparkling tunnel will turn out amazing, and your guests will love the fact that they get to participate in the fun. All you do is hand out sparklers to the guests, have them light them, and hold them up high in the air so you and your spouse can run underneath the sparks towards your getaway car. To make sure your guests can get them up high enough so you don’t get injured, you should always use 36 inch wedding sparklers for this purpose. If you choose shorter ones, you can accidentally end up with a hole burned through your dress before you even get close to the limousine!

Writing in Photos

Another fun way to use sparkler at your wedding is to write things in the air in your photos. When a high quality camera is set to have a very long exposure time, it will capture light for several seconds rather than for just a brief moment in time. That means you can waive around your lit sparklers in the shape of letters or hearts and have the shapes show up in the picture. You should use sparklers that are 20 inches long for this purpose because they will burn for a long time but will also be easy to handle while waiving them through the air. They are by far the best sparklers to use for writing in your wedding photos.

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