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Unique Ways to Display Wedding Place Cards

When you take a lot of time to put together a seating chart for your wedding, the last thing you want is for people to disregard it and sit wherever they like. Open seating at your wedding reception can lead to chaos and, in a worst case scenario, lead to two incompatible guests being forced to sit next to each other. The simple solution to this problem is to put place cards at each seat so people know where they should be seated. If you like to pay close attention to detail when planning your wedding, then you probably want something a little fancier than a folded piece of paper with a name printed on it. Here are a few unique ways to display your wedding place cards so everyone can take their seat quickly while still matching your wedding decorations.

Wine Corks

One simple and elegant way to display your place cards is to collect wine corks to use as holders. You probably won’t be able to go through enough wine on your own before your wedding day arrives (unless you drink way too much wine or your wedding is a few years out), but you can easily enlist your friends and family to collect corks as well or even buy them online if you still end up short. Then, just cut a slit in the top of each cork so you can wedge a business card sized piece of paper in it with each guest’s name printed on it. It may take a little work, but it will look fabulous and won’t cost you much to print the place cards.


Sparkler Sleeves

Rather than just creating a place card, you can use this opportunity to give your guests a small wedding favor. There are plenty of great ways to use wedding sparklers these days, and you can find all sorts of free templates online for sparkler holders or even buy them from many craft sites if you prefer. Typically they are a small tag with a slit in it to slide a few sparklers through and they have a place where you can print each guest’s name on it. If you have a specific purpose for your wedding sparklers, you can also include instruction about when and how you want the guests to use them.

Kissing Bells

If you cringe at the thought of people tapping on their glasses with a fork to get you to kiss during your reception, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you can buy what are known as kissing bells which also work great as place card holders. Instead of clinking, your guests will ring their bell to get you to kiss. You can make other rules if you want to limit the amount of ringing, but I think you’ll agree it’s much better than clinking either way. Then you just slip your place cards in the slit between the handle and poof; you have a unique way to display your place cards and also eliminate and nuisance during your reception.

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