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Why Your Company Should Use Business to business Marketplace In 2016?

Why Your Company Should Use Business to business Marketplace In 2016?

Global online Business to business marketplace, or Business to business e-commerce is anticipated to achieve staggering $6.7 trillion in gross merchandise value by 2020, Based on the research from Frost & Sullivan. If your company is not yet been involved with this greatest trend from the business history, then you should begin to participate, why? The answer is easy – because it will likely be the very best solution for medium and small sized companies to globalize their companies obtaining the most sales transactions using the cheapest cost, and you just shouldn’t miss that in 2016.


As online Business to business portal and mix-industry buying and selling marketplace for example Alibaba and BusinessVibes are common for conducting business, global Business to business buying and selling will probably shift to digital, mobile and lots of-to-many business design. That old type of one company trading and building its very own online market platform because of its Business to business providers and purchasers continues to be thrown away, rather, the worldwide Business to business marketplace is just about the new more suitable solution for clients all the planet to integrate business process and facilitate purchasing goods or service.

If you’ve still got doubts and hesitations about with such online Business to business sites, listed here are 4 big fat reasons you shouldn’t lose out on.

Inexpensive but preferred tax treatment

The majority of online Business to business marketplaces can join, or cost as little as couple of $ 100 to have an annual membership. In exchange, you receive complete use of countless verified purchasers and providers in number of industries around the world. In addition, however, many global online Business to business sites offer other services and features include marketing business occasions, Business to business deals, trade enquiries and much more – all the these your company can also enjoy simply with free registration or nominal charges.

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Access huge figures of providers and purchasers

Among the instant advantages you receive once you have registered by having an online Business to business website, may be the huge database of purchasers and providers that you could directly search and phone. For instance, having a simple free registration on BusinessVibes, you receive free and limitless use of 55 million companies, 5000 trade associations, and 30,000 business occasions across 100 major industries, and 200 nations. More to the point, these businesses will also be searching for business possibilities exactly like you do, which means it is simply as simple for you to locate others as others help you find.

Easy sales transactions

With functions for example company or product search, I’m an internet-based payment on Business to business platforms, your web Business to business sales process can be simply completed with only couple of clicks your mouse. No question why the increasing recognition of Business to business online transaction and e-commerce has brought to some such sudden boost in the amount of internet sales, that have been at approximately $1.4 trillion globally this past year are required to achieve $2.3 trillion by 2018, based on Statista.

Ideal for presence online and brand awareness

Unlike individuals big companies and worldwide companies, the majority of the small , media sized companies couldn’t afford huge amount of money budget in advertising and marketing, here comes the Business to business marketplaces that offer all sized companies with easy and cheap internet marketing solutions — listing your company on online Business to business sites not just means an excellent presence online among countless fellow people, it is also an excellent shortcut to page one of Search. Most Business to business sites invest heavily in Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing campaigns that enables these to show up easily on competitive key phrases. You may also use their internet search engine strength to your benefit and route visitors to your organization website with the least effort.

So, why don’t you enroll in a leading global Business to business industry for free now, to expend your company globally and go into next stage in 2016.

About BusinessVibes:

BusinessVibes is among such leading free global Business to business marketplaces designed for global trade professionals. The aim would be to connect like-minded companies with one another and provide a transnational network to assist quality leads for that people. BusinessVibes’ services likewise incorporate marketing business occasions, Business to business deals, trade enquiries and much more. Today, BusinessVibes is home for more than 55 million companies, 5000  trade associations, and 30,000  business occasions across 100  major industries, and 200  nations. With this mobile application being formally released lately, customers all other world can certainly search, connect and instant message countless companies on the run.

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